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Green Acres Farm
Green Acres Farm
We offer wholesome, home grown, pasture raised poultry and eggs. No antibiotics, medication, steroids or other growth hormones. All rations are organically grown as well as the pasture. Offering the freshest, best tasting poultry you can find.
Chickens raised in a natural setting provide a more nutritious meal.

The farm. Some chickens. One of the coops. Processing center More chickens!

Who We Are

Glenn W. Ramsey Jr.

I am a third generation farmer. My grandfather, J.L. Ramsey, obtained land in Roanoke county in the 1930's to start a produce farm. The property which is located at Hershberger Rd. and I-581 proved to be very fertile soil. He and his sons, Gordon, Glenn (my father) and Jess, were very successful; raising and selling produce of all kinds to the Kroger Co.

I grew up on this farm, helping out after school and on school breaks. I joined the U.S. Air Force upon graduation and served the military for four years. After returning to Roanoke and attending Virginia Western for two years, I persued a career in the transportation industry. For the next 20 years I held many sales positions, including national accounts sales for Thurston Motor Lines. This career path led me to many locations. After deciding to marry and start a family, I felt it was a perfect time to "return to my roots." We moved to the Roanoke Valley in 1992 and purchased property in Botetourt County, naming it Green Acres Farm.

While trying to maintain good health as well as preserving the environment, I began researching non-conventional farming techniques. One farmer in particular, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, struck a chord with me. After reading Pastured Poultry Profits, by Joel Salatin, and visiting and assisting with processing, I knew this was the model to follow. Doing this has provided me a way to offer home grown poultry and eggs to the public while restoring the planet one meal at a time.


My name is Joseph D. Digesare Jr., most people call me J.D., and you can too. I am a fourth generation farmer, but first time chicken farmer. I am the great-grandson of J.L. Ramsey, grandson of Glenn W. Ramsey, and nephew of Glenn W. Ramsey Jr.; my heritage is deep. For years I worked on the family farm after school and on weekends, until my allergies prevented me form doing so. Following that, I worked at a local paving company for about 20 years.

I never forgot my wanting for the farm, till my uncle called me and said, "let's start raising chickens for food." I didn't have to think long before I agreed. At first I was skeptical, but I have grown to love it. These are the best chickens and eggs you can get. All natural, and just plain good. Come and see for yourself.