Green Acres Farm

Welcome all! Spring is here at Green Acres and we are sure ready for it. We have 50 new layers 6 weeks old and growing. They will be producing eggs in about ten more weeks. We also have 100 new broilers at 2 weeks should be ready around the first of May, so get your orders in now. Although the winter was messy and cold we managed to get a brand new processing plant built. The great news is we applied for a poultry growers exemption from federal inspection on our processing. After VDACS came and inspected our processing room they awarded us the exemption. To make a long story short we can now raise and process up to 20,000 chickens per year, on our farm with out having to take them to a processing plant where there is a federal inspector on hand during the processing. I want to thank all of you who supported Green Acres Farm during the winter and look forward to seeing each of you this spring. Remember: "we are trying to replenish the planet one meal at a time".